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Find a Holiday Cottage in Celtic West Wales

Pentre Ifan Cromlech in the Preseli Hills

A holiday in a cottage in Celtic West Wales means that stone age and Celtic sites of West Wales are within easy reach. We have compiled some of the most well known historical sites here for you.

History and its visible remains are thickly layered across the dramatic and beautiful landscape of Pembrokeshire.

Using the ancient trackways of the Christian pilgrims, which are often still planted with their flowering laburnum trees, you can trace the connections between settlements, such as the reconstructed Iron Age thatched roundhouses at Castell Henllys near Newport and the many bronze age burial sites such as the superb Pentre Ifan - one of the finest in Britain, Carreg Coetan Arthur at Newport and Carreg Samson some 12 miles from Fishguard.

At Pentre Ifan (as with most dolmens in Pembrokeshire) these huge stones once marked the entrance to the burial mound, and as you stand beneath them you can see the same unspoilt view of Cardigan Bay (and some say as far as Ireland!) as their builders must have done.

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Castell Henllys Iron Age reconstructed farmstead in Pembrokeshire

On a well hidden hillock some 3 miles as the crow flies from Pentre Ifan is a reconstructed Iron Age farmstead. Rebuilt on its original site it is a window into the past and into how our Celtic ancestors would have lived in their thatched roundhouses.

The site is owned and run by the Pembrokeshire National Park and is open to the public from May to October.

There is an interpretation centre, for those who wish to gather more information and there are regular activities for children and adults alike, including reinactment days, facepainting in the traditional woed colours and various other daily activities.

Castell Henllys (known locally as 'that old holiday village') is truly a great day out in north Pembrokeshire and one of our favourites.

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Carningli Mountain Iron Age Fort

If you do visit Castell Henllys during your holiday, take some time to look south west and you will see a mountain in the distance. This is Carningli Mountain and upon its summit are the ruins of one of Pembrokeshire's largest Celtic forts. The remains of huge stone ramparts can clearly be seen circling the peak of the mountain.

Our ancient ancestors will have shared much the same spectaclar views of the surrounding countryside as we can today from the top of the Mountain. Below the ruined ramparts there is a flat plane of moorland where remains of stone hut circles can be found.

Head further west along the mountain and you will soon find cairns dotted about and ancient track ways which are now mostly used by walkers, wild horses and sheep.

Keep heading west and on crossing the small mountain road turn north east and you will see three rocky out crops below you, if you look carefully you will see a head, hands and feet. Know locally as the sleeping giant, she has watched over the lanscape here for tens of millenia.

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Cairn on the Preseli Hills

Looking south east from the summit a vast range of cairn topped hills can be seen in the distance, these are the Preseli Hills.

Famous for their part in being the source of the bluestones at Stonehenge, the Preseli Hills are strewn with ancient farmsteads and forts, standing stones and stone circles.

There is also a point on the hills where a compass will no longer point north, it will simply just keep spinning.

The Preseli's are great walking territory. Wild horses and red kites are frequently encountered whilst trekking in these hills and 360 degree views of Pembrokeshire can be enjoyed across their entire length - a great location to enjoy the freedom of a self catering holiday cottage.

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